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Recommendations & Testimonials

Don & Susie are flexible and helpful in every aspect of the transaction.

They really make you feel like they care about your best interests. They give great advice, and we really feel comfortable around them.

- Sean & Amanda -

We closed our deal within one month.

Normally this would have been highly stressful, but thanks to Don & Susie's great interpersonal & professional skills, we felt calm & confident.

- Ben & Rosary C. -

Don & Susie are the best Realtors I could ever have asked for.

I have mentioned their names to so many people, and I will continue to do this. Be assured, when the subject of selling or buying comes up, I will be the first to jump in with a strong recommendation that they go with the Karstedts.

- Jim -

We chose Don & Susie because they are truly genuine people.

We have bought two homes from them, sold one home, and will use them again if we need to.

- Diane & Bill -

It is a pleasure recommending Don & Susie to my clients.

I know they will be in very good hands.

- Manuel C. -

Throughout the entire process, Don & Susie explained every step to me.

They took their time & helped me not to make mistakes.

- Al W. -

Don & Susie went out of their way to meet my busy schedule.

They handled all issues to ensure my time was well spent.

- Chad -

Don & Susie are the best agents we've ever had.

- Chris & Nicole -

Don & Susie went above & beyond any agent I've used in the past.

It was a pleasure doing business with them, and I will definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking for a real estate agent.

- Mark -

Don is a smart, expert gentleman. Susie is an active, clever & cooperative agent.

Both of them make a good, active team that I can depend on.

- Mahroos & Zeinab -

Don & Susie were honest & caring as we looked for our son's first house.

We are now using them for the second time. They are wonderful.

- Sue F. -

Susie was always willing to go the extra mile with a smile.

- Otis & Vicki -

Don and Susie are the best agents I've had the pleasure to work with.

They protected my interests & answered all of my questions. In addition, they went well above & beyond expectations by attending my closing. Very impressive!

- Harry -

Don & Susie were extremely informative. Their knowledge & follow through is outstanding.

I didn't feel pressured into buying something just so they could complete a sale. They made the whole process of selling and buying easy, and actually exceeded my expectations. The updates on the sale of my house were unique and helpful.

- Jen -

Susie was very personable & understanding of my needs & concerns as a first-time homebuyer.

My career is customer service, but Susie truly showed me how it's done!

- Tonya -

I'm impressed with Don & Susie's knowledge of the market.

They also have several web tools for finding and showing other properties.

- Bill S. -

Don & Susie, thank you so much for your time & energy spent helping us find our new home!

We will send anyone we know your way!

- Stephanie & Sean -

Don & Susie went way above & beyond our expectations.

We loved & trusted Susie the moment we met her, and consider ourselves lucky to have found them.

- Jill & John -

Don & Susie were honest & helpful throughout our entire house hunting adventure.

It was a pleasure to look for a first home with these two helpful people. They made the process seem easy and fun. They also told us like it was, and sided with us on the ups and downs.

- Kenny & Dave -

I'd have to look long & far to find agents as kind, helpful and professional as Don & Susie.

I felt like I was being helped by friends. The process of buying a house was made easy as they walked me through each step. From helping me to find a lender to arranging a walk through appointment with the seller, I felt at ease and was able to enjoy the process. They are first rate in their profession.

- Jim L. -

Don & Susie got us into the house of our dreams!

We cannot begin to thank you both for all of the time, work and energy you put in for us.

- Jennifer & Chad -

I appreciated Don & Susie's team approach, professionalism and market knowledge.

This proved to be an exceptionally smooth transaction, made easier by their recommendation of a mortgage lender.

- Jennifer -

Don & Susie were so helpful and patient with us through the entire process.

We would've been lost if they hadn't been so thorough! Those two truly took care of us, and we greatly appreciate their generosity, support & assistance. We will definitely send referrals their way, and contact them in the future when we are ready to sell!

- Brandon & Megan -

We received wonderful service from Don & Susie.

They were very friendly & helpful when we called to ask about seeing a house. We love our new home!

- Larry & Chris -

Don goes above & beyond in his job.

He has the right tools, and knows how to put them to use to get the sale through.

- Lawrence -

Don & Susie were the best agents we could have worked with.

They kept us so well informed and made buying our first house a great experience. We felt they were always supporting us & looking out for our best interests.

- Ryan & Michelle -

Thank you, Don & Susie, for helping us sell our home.

It was a pleasure working with both of you. We appreciated your professionalism and enthusiasm about being our realtors.

- John & Sondra -

Thank you for everything!It was awesome having you as our agent along side us as we bought our first home. Much love and blessings to you and your family.

- Lary &Belinda -

Susie is the most diligent, patient & responsive agent.

This was our first sale, and Susie made it a pleasant experience. When buying, she was always available to answer any question or concern with enthusiasm and care. She is an awesome agent.

- Amman & Gina V. -

Don & Susie's knowledge & patience is amazing.

I am thankful for all that they did to facilitate my short sale. Of course, if I run across anyone needing a referral, Don & Susie are it!

- Candi -

We truly felt that if Don and Susie couldn't sell our house, no one could.

They did everything in their power to make the sale, and we are so happy to have chosen them to be our Realtors.

- Diane & Caleb -

Don & Susie are outstanding & personable.

They were very attentive to my needs and concerns, and willing to show multiple homes when it was convenient for me.

- Connie -

Don & Susie Karstedt are a fantastic team!

They are both knowledgeable, reliable, personable and impartial. They went the extra mile for me, and I will never forget that.

- Kathy -

Don & Susie, thank you for accompanying us on our journey to buy a home.

We both learned a lot from our home buying experience. Best wishes.

- Donald & Adrienne -

Don & Susie are trustworthy and very easy to work with.

They show care and put in a lot of effort to handle the transaction.

- Sandy -

We contacted Don while we were still living in England.

He sent us information on homes, and checked out areas we were interested in. By the time we moved back to the states, we knew what we wanted. Don found us a home at a great price, and we are thrilled with it.

- Ken & JoAnne -

Don made the whole process of choosing, negotiating & buying our house go smoothly.

He was there for us every step of the way. Best agent we've ever had.

- Don & Sharon -

Don & Susie went beyond the call of duty and then some.

They are the best agents ever.

- Wendy H. -

Don & Susie are very knowledgeable about home buying & inspections.

They know exactly what to expect, and they are very friendly, understanding & patient.

- Scott & Angie -

Susie made buying our first home an enjoyable & uncomplicated experience.

She was always available to us. When we had a million questions, there she was finding the answers & helping us figure out what we really wished for in a home.

- Helen & Quynh -

Don was great to work with and advised us in the best way.

What surprised us most about the real estate process was how smoothly it went.

- Brian -

Thanks so much Susie, for how hard you are working.

You make my eyes water because I can tell you really care. I can't say thank you enough!

- Tish H. -

It was a pleasure doing business with such nice people as Don & Susie.

I think about how kind & great they are all the time. We love our house. Thank you so much!

- Suzanne, Ricky & Keegan -

Don will always be the agent I do business with & the only agent I recommend to my friends.

- Dave -

We are so thankful to have Don & Susie as our realtors.

This is our third home sale and purchase, and their care & attention to detail far surpassed all others. They were a strong advocate for us and acted prudently on our behalf to everyone involved (lender, buyer, escrow and our potential buyers).

- The Sullivan Family -

Don & Susie took the time to tell us what we needed to know.

Even without a pre-approval letter, they showed us the houses that we asked for, and we really appreciated that.

- Phousadeth and Vieng -

Susie & Don, This is just a little something to say thank you for your kindness and integrity in getting us a home. We are excited for the future were building for our family, in having a place to mark the growth of our children, to have BBQ's in the summer and get old. Thank you so much.

- Chris and Rachel -

Don & Susie came highly recommended from friends.

They lived up to the high marks they were given.

- Kaysey -

We choose Don & Susie because of trust and expertise.

They make the experience less stressful and treat us like we are family. We are 100% satisfied.

- Shawn and Jennifer G. -

Don & Susie were recommended as honest, knowledgeable agents with integrity.

They are friendly, hard workers with only their client's satisfaction as a priority.

- Craig & Deb -

Don & Susie are the very best agents ever!

They were a team, ready to work hard for me, and were very kind toward potential buyers. They're on your side!

- Wendy -

I loved working with Susie & Don.

Susie is a great agent. Very knowledgeable, knows her stuff. I trusted her from the moment I met her.

- Twyla P. -