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What makes a great real estate agent?

Don and I have always found this to be the toughest question
for clients to determine for themselves.

Usually you don’t know if someone has fought the good fight for you or saved you some money, until the transaction is over. So, we thought we would help you get to know us, what experiences have we had, that make us different from other agents.


Don is a nerd who loves technology.

He knows almost everything there is to know about it. On long drives to visit our parents we put podcasts on about the latest technology. What works, what is a waste of time, and what you can’t live without. Through osmosis, I became a little geek.

As a result, we understand the importance of technology for our clients.

We do understand that technology is not for everyone.

We still do the “face-to-face” with our clients, and happily show homes to people all the time. We even come to your signing when you are getting ready to close, but we want you to know you have someone on your team that can use technology to your best advantage.

Designing & Decorating Homes

Staging a home is critical to the sale.

Susie is the visual person in this company. She knows how to create an atmosphere in the home, and she does this as part of our normal service. With the popularity of home décor shows these days, it is critical that your house is staged correctly.


Nothing is more to your advantage than having an agent who has already "been there and done that."  

Some of the not-so-usual tangles that we get involved in (and less experienced agents may not have seen yet) include:


Thinking about investing in rental property?

Our experience, dating back to 2004 when we bought our first rental property, has expanded our overall real estate knowledge by leaps and bounds. We have many stories of the good and the bad — we've dealt with fires and floods, lawsuits and evictions, and just about everything in between.

If you are interested in owning rental property of your own,
we would be happy to advise you on: